Why You May Need to Remove Some Teeth for a Smile Makeover

Although the opportunities that modern cosmetic dentistry provides are truly impressive, it’s not magic. It’s hard work that requires great skill and experience of specialists, the newest equipment and technologies, but also great patience and commitment from the patient. The cases are different, and very often, the procedure may require even removing some of your teeth.

Yes, that’s right. The tendency in modern dentistry is to preserve as much as they can but sometimes it’s just impossible to kill two birds with one stone. If your dentist says that you need teeth removal to achieve the result you want, there are serious reasons for this and any other way is impossible. No dentist will ever take such decision if there are at least chances to avoid it.

When Teeth Straightening Requires Extraction

Here is the list of cases, when it is impossible to achieve straight teeth and preserve them all at the same time. If you have any doubts, you can consult several specialists to compare their recommendations and then make a decision.

  • Severe malocclusion caused by abnormalities of skeletal development (jaws too small to accommodate all the teeth in straight rows)
  • The disproportion of jaws (one is significantly bigger than the other)
  • Extra teeth (hyperdontia)
  • Disproportional teeth (some are much bigger than others)

The extraction of teeth for cosmetic purposes is appointed only when the jaws and teeth are completely formed. This is why this procedure makes sense only for teenagers and adults, whose teeth already sit firmly in their positions.  

Why Should They Be Removed

When you go for teeth straightening with dental braces, it’s all about aesthetics. Braces will change the position of your teeth, and this will inevitably cause a change of the facial proportions as well. Sometimes, not only a smile makeover but this effect too is wanted, but in cases when not, the teeth are extracted to preserve the proportions of the face. Besides, when the teeth are overcrowded, straightening may cause malocclusion if each tooth won’t have enough space.

What Teeth Are More Likely to Be Extracted?

This depends on each individual’s occlusion abnormality. At least, it’s possible only to predict what teeth are the first candidates for extraction. Regardless of what may be the appointments, more likely to be extracted are teeth that are damaged or sick.

What about the wisdom teeth? Well, the dentists recommend to remove them no matter whether you’re planning a smile makeover or not. Usually, they don’t fit into the jaws of a modern human who eats processed food and they may cause many problems. These problems may concern a painful process of their dentition and even cause malocclusion. However, in cases when wisdom teeth have enough space to appear and function without problems for other teeth, there is no need to remove them.

Can It Be Avoided?

Unfortunately, sometimes the extraction is the only way to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, an orthodontic treatment won’t be effective or will cause new problems. However, this situation, like any other connected to malocclusion and crooked teeth, can be prevented in childhood. A timely orthodontic treatment guarantees straight teeth in adult age.

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