When Does Your Child Need Crowns?

There exists a harmful stereotype about the primary teeth that they do not require much treatment because they will be lost and replaced by the constant teeth. This mistake very often leads to serious problems with children’s dental health. The change of the primary teeth has a certain schedule. If the teeth are lost earlier than they are supposed to, it is a pathology and it has consequences.

First, it can become an obstacle for the appearance of a constant tooth. The empty space that has appeared because of the lost primary tooth will not stay so and wait for a constant tooth to fill it. The entire teeth row will move aside to fill it. As the result, when the constant tooth will be ready to come out, the place will be occupied by the misplaced teeth. It will appear not where it should and this will bring problems with occlusion.

Second, the absence of primary teeth influences such functions of the child’s organism as diction and digestive functions. Problems with diction bring down a child’s self-esteem, same with the bad aesthetic look of the smile with gaps. The baby crowns help solve all these problems.

In what cases does your child need crowns?

  1. If more than half of the tooth is destructed by caries.
  2. If the tooth is fully destroyed by it.
  3. If the tooth is badly traumatized.
  4. If the tooth is depulped. The rehabilitation period after the treatment of such teeth is required to protedt the tissues of the primary tooth until it is replaced by the constant one. They are very vulnerable after the pulpitis treatment and require special protection.
  5. If the child has bruxism.
  6. If the appearing constant teeth have problems with enamel.

The standard crowns have no influence on the constant teeth and are falling out with the primary teeth. However, they perform multiple useful functions and prevent many serious problems. The procedure is fast and does not require much preparation. The doctor removes the destructed part of the tooth and wears the crown filled with special material.

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