What Is Sedation?

Tooth decay treatment was never associated with something pleasant and painless. Millions of people suffer from odontophobia, and it is quite understandable – toothache is a real suffering and all those devices in the dentist’s cabinet look scary and remind the modern modifications of torture devices from the times of Great Inquisition. Especially they scare little patients. However, today’s dentistry technologies have gone ahead quite far and there exists a possibility to cure teeth without any painful feelings. The development of anesthesiology allows applying local anesthesia, general anesthesia and sedation. If everything is clear about local and general anesthesia, the word “sedation” seems not to be understood by many patients. So, let us drag away the mystery curtain and determine this notion.

Sedation is not actually narcosis. It is performed with the help of nitrous oxide that is inserted intravenously of inhaled. If narcosis completely switches off the consciousness of the patient that can create certain difficulties in the work of doctor, sedation leaves patient conscious, but relaxed and with oppressed protecting reactions. Deep sedation is very similar to narcosis; it also makes a person sleep. Nevertheless, in a number of cases slight sedation that keeps patient awake is enough.

It allows making the procedure of teeth treatment maximally comforting, it relieves from all the fears connected with the procedure. It is no wonder that sedation is used by kids dentist much more often than with the adult patients. Still it does not save the patient from the pain, so it always goes together with local anesthesia, because the ability to feel pain does not disappear under its influence.

The use of nitrous oxide is completely safe for children, helps to keep the verbal and visual contact with the doctor that helps very much in the process of operation. Intravenous sedation is not performed with little patients because the substances used during it are different from those of inhalation that suits for them better.


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