What Is Post-Acne?

Post-acne is the name used for the traces left after the acne. They can look like scars, sometimes rather deep, or red dots. Such signs spoil the aesthetic look of the skin and influence self-esteem. But it is possible to cope with this disaster.

Usually post-acne happens because of the constant mechanical action towards the pimples. Squeezing pimples and red dots, no matter if you use fingers or tweezers, damages your skin. The same is with the attempts to burn them with chemical substances. Post-acne may even look worse than the acne itself. The skin becomes uneven, the pores stay widened and the deep acne scars appear.

The older the skin is, the more difficult are the consequences of acne. If it is a teenage acne, it can pass without a trace, but if the person is middle-aged or older, there are practically no chances to such a lucky ending.

There are several ways to cope with the problem. Here they are.

  1. The preparations that reduce the skin grease production. It will take time to see their action.
  2. A chemical peeling is a very popular procedure. It helps level the skin fast.
  3. No matter how does the post-acne look, it is treated with the ultrasound, cryosurgery, vacuum massage and electrophoresis.
  4. In some cases the method of dermabrasion works. It is the mechanic grinding of the upper layer of the skin with the help of the special apparatus. But you should be careful with it. Some types of scars cannot be removed this way r even worse – they will only look mote distinct after the procedure.

It depends of the problem’s seriousness to which doctor you should go with it. Sometimes the dermatologist is enough, but sometimes even a surgeon’s intrusion is necessary.  Still, at first you should visit dermatologist in both cases. He will determine the stage of the problem and what procedures are required to get rid of it. And remember that if you have acne, do not try to remove it yourself – also visit doctor for the proper treatment.

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