What Is ELOS Epilation?

Many people struggle with unwanted and/or excessive hair growth. This problem is bothering both men and women. Luckily, nowadays cosmetic medicine and pharmaceutics offers a great specter of services helping people get rid of the hair in the places where they do not want it to be. The ways to do it are various – wax, sugaring, laser, electric or photo epilation. One of the innovational epilation techniques worth special attention is ELOS epilation.

What is ELOS epilation? It is the technique for the hair removal that combines two ways of action – laser and photo. The Israeli company SYNERON medical invented it. Nowadays clinics in many countries successfully practice it. A special apparatus points a high-frequency light impulse and current on the target zone. Both the electric and optic energies work at once. This double action destroys the hair follicle. The hair is totally removed with 100 percent result guarantee in not more than eight procedures.

Surely, if you are interested in this procedure, you will want to know the price of it. Nevertheless, no one can tell you the exact price until you consult the ELOS epilation specialist. There are many factors determining it. The zone of epilation, the amount of required procedures, the thickness of the hair cover and even sex matter. Dark and thick hair needs less number of procedures to remove, and the price will accordingly be less. The target zones in women are less than in men, and that means the lower price for them either.

Nevertheless, what can be sure about is that this type of epilation is more expensive compared to other ones. It is because the equipment for its performance is very expensive. Only the high-class specialist is able to work with it, and that influences the price too. You may pay more but you will be sure that the problem is solved once and forever. If you will find a place where it is cheap, it must make you think about the quality of service they offer. Beware of the low qualification of the specialist or worn-out equipment.

Why is the ELOS epilation an option for you? It has undoubtable advantages. These are 100 percent efficiency, minimum pain, no side effects and individual approach. The procedure itself brings very little discomfort thank to the low energy setup. All you feel is a little biting and warmness. Still, it is very individual and the anesthetic is offered to each client to be sure it will not bring her any discomfort.

The procedure does not traumatize the skin and does not leave any scars afterwards. You may even not worry about being on the sun – it is allowed. A slight reddening and swell will be gone in maximum three hours. The ELOS epilation is not compatible with other techniques of hair removal. The specialist will consult you and will tell for sure if the ELOS epilation is an option for you, with the considerations of your individual case.


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