The Reason Of The Shark Teeth Appearance

All the parents know that the constant teeth will replace the primary teeth of their children. However, very often the constant teeth start growing before the loss of the primary ones. The teeth start growing in two rows and it forms the abnormal bite. The so-called shark teeth kids can be seen here and there. Why does it happen so?

Normally, the germs of the constant teeth perform a pressing action upon the roots of the primary teeth. Their roots start dissolving under this pressure and become movable. Finally, they fall out themselves or the doctor removes them easily. But sometimes it happens so that they are located in the parallel planes. In this case, during the dentition of the constant tooth the pressure it occurs on the root of the primary tooth is not enough. In such cases, it grows near or above the primary one.

It may seem strange but this problem often occurs because the child breathes with his or her mouth all the time. It leads to the problems with occlusion. How does it happen? The constant teeth can be larger than the primary teeth and the child’s jaw needs to be wider to provide enough space for them.

The jaw widening is characterized by the appearance of gaps between the teeth. A tongue plays an important role in this process. It performs a pressure over the both jaws. A child grows, and the tongue grows. It presses harder on the jawbones and they grow wider.

But when the child’s breath is difficult (for example, if he catches cold often) and he or she mostly breathes through mouth, the tongue has an abnormal position. It is situated on the den of the mouth cavity and cannot press on the upper jaw the way it should. In such situation it does not stimulate its growth. The gaps between teeth do not appear and the constant teeth have to appear where there is a space for them. They can grow upper or inside the gum.

If the primary tooth is removed, the constant one will take his normal position. The tongue is a strong muscle that can press on the teeth to make them stand on their places. If your child has a problem of the shark teeth, the orthodontist’s consultation is necessary. The specialist will determine whether there is enough space in mouth for the constant teeth. If the space is not enough, there will be an appointment for wearing a special orthodontic construction. Braces, trainers or retainers will help establish the proper position of the teeth in the mouth of your child.

Only the orthodontist is able to tell for sure, what is the reason of shark teeth growth. Depending on the reason, he will appoint the treatment if simple tooth extraction will be not enough to solve the problem. Do not forget that until the primary tooth is in the mouth, the constant one will not be able to grow correctly.

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