The MyoSure Procedure

The technologies in medicine keep developing every day. The doctors are implementing less traumatic ways of solving the problem with people’s health. Especially it concerns gynecology. A female intimate sphere is a very gentle structure. Surgical operations often cause complications that influence the subsequent problems with a woman’s health throughout her entire life and may significantly spoil its quality. For example, uterine surgery leaves scar tissue afterwards. The scars may cause different diseases, abnormal formations appearance or infertility and pregnancy miscarriages.

However, modern technologies allow doing many medical manipulations without abdominal surgery. Among such is the MyoSure technology – the procedure that helps remove intrauterine formations like polyps or fibroids in the least traumatic way possible. It performs with the help of special wand that is inserted into the vagina. The formations are excised and removed. The entire procedure does not take much time and does not require being in hospital. A patient can go home after it at once. It does not influence on the fertility function and does not leave scar tissue.

The specialists who practice MyoSure must have experience and high skills of the hysteroscopic procedures. The procedure suits only for patient who have formations of the submucosal location. If the formation grows within the uterine wall, this will not be a way out and your doctor must think of another treatment strategy.

The procedure is usually performed under the local anesthesia. The chances on having complications after MyoSure are very few but still they exist. If you feel fever, growing pain in the lower part of the stomach, vaginal discharge of green shade or dizziness and vomiting, call your doctor immediately. The menstrual period will fully come to its regularity within three months, for every patient’s organism is individual and they may need different amount of time to recover completely.

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