Teeth Implantation For Elderly People

Some people think that teeth implantation is too difficult operation for the elderly people. It is a mistake. The only age restriction for this procedure is young age, when the bone tissue is not completely formed yet. When the process of its formation is complete, there are no restrictions for any age. Still, there can be some individual contraindications. That is why the consultation of dentist is required to decide what way of prosthesis will be the best in your case. Some elderly people have rather good conditions of mouth health for having dental implants. And, on the contrary, some younger people may have a lot of contraindications because of the bad state of health.

One of the reasons why elderly people afraid undergo teeth implantation is the weak immunity. Its strength tends to reduce with age. And the operation is a big stress for it. Regeneration of the bone tissue is also much slower in the elderly age. It is an important option, because the successful implantation depends much on the state of bone tissue. In addition, cardiovascular disease and diabetes do not allow setting up dental implants. However, these diseases may occur in a younger age too and still will be contraindications.

The precise examination of different health aspects is necessary in any age, if you decided to have dental implants. It will be a wise decision not to choose fast ways of implantation, but do everything gradually. The elderly age makes the implant adjustment slower; this specialty must be taken into consideration. Only when the implant is completely adjust, it will be possible to set up an abatment and a crown.

The post-operation period after implantation requires special attention for the elderly patients. The rules of mouth hygiene must be kept by patient strictly and every doctor’s appointment treated with seriousness. The oftener you will be visiting your specialist, the better.



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