Destroying the Myths About Cervical Ectropion

The cervical ectropion (also called ectopy or erosion although the last word isn’t correct) is among the most common reproductive health abnormalities in women of childbearing age. This disease, like many other gynecological diseases, can develop completely unnoticed by a woman. However, it can also show some symptoms, and sometimes they may be really annoying.

This condition is easy to misunderstand. Let’s discuss the most common myths about it and figure out what exactly is a cervical ectropion and what is important about it.

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Pathological Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural thing for a woman. This is the way vagina cleans itself. However, you should be attentive to such qualities of vaginal discharge as their amount, color, smell and consistency. The pathological discharge is usually only a symptom of some urogenital disease. The treatment should be focused not only on getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms, but to do it in complex and remove the reason of their appearance. In this very case, a woman requires vaginal examination, analysis and USD diagnostics.

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