Just a Quarter of Women Get Proper Advice on Pregnancy Weight Gain

A recent study into recommendations on how much weight a woman should gain during pregnancy showed that while healthcare providers could influence the amount of weight gain, only a quarter of women received the proper advice. Another 25% of women received no advice whatsoever.

This is concerning news because women need to receive the most up-to-date recommendations from their health care provider or gynecologist. Aiming for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of an adverse outcome. So, if you are pregnant then how much weight should you really gain during pregnancy?

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Does Position Matter?

There exists a very popular idea about the importance of sexual position for the fertilization. Many people believe that some certain positions for sex increase the couple’s chances on getting pregnant. There is even an idea about the influence of sexual position on the future’s baby sex and personality. If the last one sounds doubtlessly ridiculous and does not even need explanations, the first two ideas have at least a little scientific ground. The believed dependence on the child’s sex on position is explained by some specific qualities of X- and Y-chromosome carrying spermatozoids. What about the chances on pregnancy?

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