7 Signs of Possible Heart Failure

Every year, heart disease kills up to 18 million people of all ages. Heart disorders are often disguised as a slight indisposition or features of the body. Here is a list of the not always obvious symptoms that indicate possible heart disease. People who are overweight, with diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol level should be especially attentive to these signs. 

1. Chest Pain

Someone feels a slight pain, others may complain of pressure or burning pain. In any case, if you sometimes feel some unusual sensations in your chest, you need to go to the therapist as soon as possible and get an electrocardiogram and heart ultrasound. There is also good news, in 80–90% of cases, chest pain is not connected with heart problems. 

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The Classifications Of Heart Failure

Heart failure is the dysfunction of the heart work so it is not able to provide with the necessary amount of blood all the organs and systems of a human’s body as it is supposed to. This heart disease is wide spread enough and women are considered to be more likely to have it. It can develop in two forms. Sharp form is characterized by fast mechanism of development and progress, from several minutes to a couple of hours. It causes lung edema, heart asthma and cardiogenic shock. The reasons of its appearance are usually myocardium attack, tear of the left heart ventricle, sharp failure of aortal and mitral valves.

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