How Running Affects Your Skin

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase “the risks of running”? Perhaps you think of the runner’s knee, heart attack or something similar. But we often forget about our skin which covers our entire body and is influenced by everything that we are involved in.

Running means spending a lot of time outdoors, under the sun and in motion. There are some benefits and risks for the runner’s skin. This concerns skin on different parts of the body. There are good news and bad news for runners. Let’s start with the good ones.

Benefits of Running for Your Skin

Sports are believed to be good for our body in general and skin in particular. These are the ways in which running benefits our skin.

  • Running increases blood circulation in our skin – the cells receive more nutrition and oxygen.
  • Committed athletes usually eat healthy food – this is also very important for good skin health.
  • Running keeps your muscles, including the facial ones, toned – this helps delay the visual signs of aging.

But there’s also another side of the coin. There are some risks for your skin as well but you can resist them through a smart approach and a few extra measures of precaution before the start of your run.

Risks for the Runner’s Skin

These risks concern even the skin in the most unexpected areas. Even if you won’t manage to completely avoid the harm to your skin, at least you can make it minimal with the help of our tips.


The fact that UV-radiation increases the risk of early aging and cancer isn’t new to anyone. A sunscreen cream with SPF no less than 30 should become the runner’s best friend. You should also adjust your daily schedule to avoid running at the time when the sun is especially aggressive. One thing to note is that UV-rays destroy the folium acid in the skin, so be sure that your diet has enough of it – eat more beans, leafy greens, and seeds.

Foot problems

Feet undergo the main strain during a run, so the possible problems are numerous. Athlete’s foot, corns, calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails…  A smart choice of special footwear and accurate personal hygiene will help you reduce the risks for your feet. Be also careful with the size – it should be slightly bigger than your average size. Your footwear shouldn’t feel loose but there should be some extra space. It will come in handy if the strain will make your foot swell which often happens if you run long distances.

Damage caused by friction

Your clothes rub over your skin as you run. The nipples are especially sensitive. Some runners stick band-aids on them to protect them from friction. Be sure that your sports outfits aren’t too tight and are made of quality materials that allow your skin to breathe.


Sports means lots of sweating. Sweat may boost the function of the sebaceous glands and cause their blockage, which results in ugly purulent pimples. Wash your face as soon as you can after your run. Avoid touching your sweaty face – this is the easiest way to get bacteria into your pores.

Malnutrition of the skin

Many people believe that the combination of a strict diet and long runs will help them get slimmer. In fact, such a lifestyle only exhausts your body, and, naturally, your skin as well. Your diet should be balanced enough to keep you strong and productive. Malnutrition can cause a hormonal imbalance that will affect your skin as well.

Now you know how to protect your skin during a run. Hopefully, these tips will help you stay not only fit and strong but also healthy and beautiful.

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Destroying the Myths About Cervical Ectropion

The cervical ectropion (also called ectopy or erosion although the last word isn’t correct) is among the most common reproductive health abnormalities in women of childbearing age. This disease, like many other gynecological diseases, can develop completely unnoticed by a woman. However, it can also show some symptoms, and sometimes they may be really annoying.

This condition is easy to misunderstand. Let’s discuss the most common myths about it and figure out what exactly is a cervical ectropion and what is important about it.

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How Soon You Can Get Pregnant Again?

As your baby is born, you have plenty of things to do and perhaps the last thing you would want is to double them. However, there are enough mothers who are quite okay with the idea that they can get pregnant again very soon. People are different, each decision deserves respect. But the information about the next pregnancy right after labor will be equally relevant for both types of novice mothers.

Is It Really Impossible to Conceive While You Breastfeed?

It is believed that you can’t conceive when you are breastfeeding. This idea has scientifically approved ground. You can thank prolactin for this. This hormone is responsible for your lactation. It starts producing when you are pregnant to get your body prepared for this vital process. It is known to oppress ovulation.

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Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

You will have a procedure for implantation of the tooth, and you are worried if it is painful?

To understand this, you need to understand what stages of implantation you will go through.

For classical implantation, we can name such basic stages:

  1. Your dentist will implant an artificial root – a titanium screw. It is implanted into the bone tissue. To do this, the doctor cuts the gum, opens a part of the bone tissue and drills a hole in the bone according to the size of the implant. For this, he will use special drills. The place of manipulation will be intensively irrigated with saline solution to prevent overheating of the bone. Then a titanium implant is screwed into the bone and the gum is sutured.
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Amalgam Fillings Pros And Cons

All of us know that the mirrors are made with amalgam but not everyone knows that it is successfully used in dentistry too. It is a part of the special composition for fillings. The mercury and silver alloy are mixed as a plastic mass that hardens inside the tooth cavity. This alloy also contain other metals like zinc, tin and copper. The amalgam appears as the result of the chemical reaction.

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Dental Implants And Diabetes

There are many discussions about the possibilities to have dental implants for the people who suffer from diabetes. There are as many good results of the successful assimilation of the implants as the examples of various problems with dental implants. The specialists of different medicine fields – orthodontists, endocrinologists, tooth surgeons – express contradictory opinions. In any case, there is no doubt that if a patient with diabetes decides to set up dental implants, it is a big risk.

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Greenish Vaginal Discharge

A woman’s organism is a complicated system. The changes in one sphere of it bring changes in its entire work. On noticing any strange or discomfort symptoms, the first thing you need do is visit the doctor. Today we are going to speak about abnormal vaginal discharge of greenish shade that often bring fear to women. What does such pathology mean?

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What Are Dental Retainers?

Dental retainer is the means of special correction treatment that help achieve the final result of the orthodontic treatment. Let us see why it is necessary and why braces are not enough. We all know that a tooth has a crown and a root. We can see the crown, but we normally cannot see the root if it is not baring because of some disease. The jaw is the bone, so naturally the tooth root is surrounded by the bone tissue. But the tooth has no hard fixation on it. There is a little space between the tooth and the bone, the so-called periodontal hole. It contains the ligaments that hold the tooth on its place, and also nerves and vessels that provide it with nutritive elements.

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What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is the pathological deformation of the cornea that has non-inflammatory nature. Under the influence of structural changes, the cornea is getting thinner and gains a cone shape instead of spherical, as it is supposed to have naturally. The disease occurs because the main substance of the cornea loses its natural mechanic abilities. Its structural fibers lose their strength. The pressure inside the eyes makes the cornea protrude. Usually the disease develops on both eyes.

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Dryness In The Eyes

Many people are complaining that they often have discomfort feelings in their eyes. It feels like the presence of a foreign body in the eye though when they examine it there is no any. This feeling is caused by the dryness of their eyes or, to be more exact, the dryness of the corneal surface. The membrane of tears produced by lacrimal gland protects our eye and provides the proper sharpness of the vision. It is a complicated system whose functionality depends on many factors.

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