Pain During Sex Can Be a Symptom of a Disease

The problem of painful sensations during sex in women used to be omitted by discussions. It’s a very delicate and somehow stigmatized subject because historically women weren’t encouraged to speak about their bodies aloud or tell their partners there’s something wrong in bed (in order not to put their masculinity under concern).

However, these days are the days of women’s empowerment and speaking free about women’s bodies is a very important part of it. This concerns their health – the warning symptoms women often are ashamed to speak about may be the signs of diseases that need treatment.

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Menopausal Endometriosis

In the earlier times, endometriosis was considered the disease of women in reproductive age. But the latest statistics shows that it occurs more and more often in women during their menopause. Hardly it is the change of the tendency, perhaps such data are connected with the improvement of the diagnostic methods. In the menopausal period, it is very difficult to diagnose endometriosis because of the rebuilding of hormonal systems and multiple changes in her organism. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be endometriosis treatment. Menopausal endometriosis is especially dangerous because the disease in this period may have serious consequences for a woman.

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