Pathological Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural thing for a woman. This is the way vagina cleans itself. However, you should be attentive to such qualities of vaginal discharge as their amount, color, smell and consistency. The pathological discharge is usually only a symptom of some urogenital disease. The treatment should be focused not only on getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms, but to do it in complex and remove the reason of their appearance. In this very case, a woman requires vaginal examination, analysis and USD diagnostics.

The most often reasons for the pathological vaginal discharge are sexually transmitted diseases and inflammatory processes in the patient’s sex organs in particular and organism systems in general. Let us observe them all.

  1. The discharge that warn about this disease is heavy, foamy, can have white, greenish or yellowish color. They usually have an unpleasant smell. A woman feels itch, burning or painful urination. The analysis are required to diagnose trichomoniasis.
  2. Candidiasis or the yeast infection. The discharge is becoming thicker and its consistency reminds of a cottage cheese. The itch is very strong, the burning feeling also may occur. The analysis shows the fungoid activity.
  3. Bacterial vaginitis. The discharge is rather heavy, the color is grey at the beginning and turns to yellow or green if the disease is hot treated and progresses. The smell of rotten fish is very distinct. Here the verdict is the same – analysis will confirm the diagnosis.
  4. The discharge is yellow. A patient feels the pain in the lower part of the stomach and during the urination, swell and pain in vaginal glands. The cervical mucus is taken for the examination to know whether it is the chlamydiosis.
  5. The symptoms are basically the same as with chlamydia, but a woman also experiences bleedings between her periods.
  6. Non-specific vaginitis. The character of discharge and discomfort may be very various. The discharge must be taken for the analysis in any case.

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