Pain During Sex Can Be a Symptom of a Disease

The problem of painful sensations during sex in women used to be omitted by discussions. It’s a very delicate and somehow stigmatized subject because historically women weren’t encouraged to speak about their bodies aloud or tell their partners there’s something wrong in bed (in order not to put their masculinity under concern).

However, these days are the days of women’s empowerment and speaking free about women’s bodies is a very important part of it. This concerns their health – the warning symptoms women often are ashamed to speak about may be the signs of diseases that need treatment.

Among such symptoms is pain during sex which normally shouldn’t occur. It is often caused by factors that are easily fixed – inappropriate sex position, a lack of stimulation from a partner or a traumatic experience that has left a trace on a woman’s mental health and sexuality. But in some cases, it’s the symptom of abnormal reproductive health conditions that require attention.

When Does Painful Sex May Signify a Disease?

The diseases from the list below may manifest themselves with such a symptom together with many others. Don’t overlook the problem and be attentive to your body.

Vaginal dryness

If you’re entering your menopause, it’s normal but if you are too young for menopause, you should check your hormones. Estrogen is responsible for producing the natural lube found in your vagina. Its production reduces with age due to menopausal changes but if you are still young, you may have a hormonal imbalance or even early menopause occurring. 


This disease is the result of abnormal growth of the endometrial cells. Endometriosis treatment may help control this process and improve it but very often it returns. It was proven to be hormonally dependent so hormonal therapy may give good result.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

An irritated vaginal mucosa is dry and sensitive. If together with pain during sex you also feel itching and burning, or notice some strange vaginal discharge, make an appointment with your gyno – this could be inflammation caused by infection or mistakes in intimate hygiene and self-care (use of deodorants, tight synthetic panties or douching).

Interstitial cystitis

This unpleasant disease means chronic bladder inflammation. Together with the uncomfortable sensations in the process of urination, it may be also manifested through pain during sex.

Visit Your Doctor in Any Case

If the pain occurs, the first thing to do is to make an appointment with your doctor and ask for help. Even if this pain isn’t a result of any disease, the doctor can give you advice on how to cope with it and determine its cause. Also, you will receive recommendations on how to prevent it in the future and continue living your life without pain.

But sometimes, even your gyno may fail to determine the reason for its appearance. In this case, it makes sense to ask a psychotherapist and come to this specialist together with your partner. Maybe something between you two doesn’t work as it’s supposed to and it affects your intimate life. Even if pain occurs because of your mental issues, you need the support of your partner who should understand what is going on and know how to react.

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