Orthodontic Mouth Guards For Kids

The mouth guards for kids can be not only for the teeth protection while doing sports, but with the orthodontic function. The special device serves to straighten the child’s teeth and fix the wrong occlusion. It can be used as independent device or as a part of retention after wearing the brace system. As the independent device an or4thodontic mouth guard can correct the slightly deformed occlusion. If the deformation is significant, it will be better to choose non-removable brace system. But after such way of correction your child will still need to carry a mouth guard for a while not to let the teeth go back to their wrong position.

The advantages of orthodontic mouth guards:

  1. They look more aesthetic than braces. The construction is made of bioplastic or biosylicone and it is absolutely transparent. It looks almost invisible on a child’s teeth and will not make him or her feel shy.
  2. They are removable. A child can take them off, clean the teeth properly and wear them back. The ability to clean teeth properly during the orthodontic treatment will prevent the development of the caries and other diseases of poor mouth hygiene.
  3. They are safe. The materials they are made of are hypoallergenic. They are soft and elastic, so the teeth and gums of the child do not get damaged.
  4. They are comfortable. A child needs one day to get used to wearing the device. In the rare cases it takes several days. And in further time they do not bring any discomfort.
  5. They are effective. The teeth’s straightening performs gradually, so it guarantees the positive result.
  6. They are simple to take care for. All you need to do is wash the mouth guard with clean water and keep it in a special container.

To have the maximum effect of the treatment, a mouth guard must be always well-cleaned. Also stick to the terms of wearing it that your orthodontist had recommended. These simple rules will help you achieve the best results.

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