Migraines Caused By Glaucoma

Glaucoma migraine is a pathological headache caused by the severe eye disease. This pain is so hard that the patient may require emergency medical help. This pain is even considered harder than a toothache. The spasms are spreading over the head, neck and shoulders. The trifacial nerve is tense. There may occur dizziness and vomit. Moreover, this state is almost impossible to relief. Therefore, the main measures of glaucoma migraine treatment is the proper prophylaxis.

This specific type of migraine occurs on the late stage of glaucoma, when it reaches its terminal phase. On this stage of disease, a patient totally loses vision. The pathologic changes in his eyes are already deep and irreversible. The front eye camera becomes very small, an eye pressure is impossible to control. That is why the eye apple is swollen and structurally changed. Enormous pressure makes an eye increases in size significantly. The nervous system of the organism suffers too. While glaucoma migraines a patient completely loses ability to work. His emotional state worsens too – he can feel fear, apathy, and anxiety without reasons.

Simple analgesics will not help in this case. Some anti-inflammatory preparations can relief this terrible state a little. But they are strictly not recommended to apply without the doctor’s appointment. The pain attacks may last  from a couple of days up to several weeks. It is very important to stay calm in these days although it is also very difficult. Relaxation is the thing you must concentrate on, it will bring relief to your sufferings. Fresh air is also useful in this period.

To undergo glaucoma migraine as seldom as possible, the serious corrections of the way of life are required. A patient must avoid overworking, smoking, taking hot baths. The way of life must be active but without heavy exercises. Fresh air is very important. Any stress causing situations must be avoided as well.


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