Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

You will have a procedure for implantation of the tooth, and you are worried if it is painful?

To understand this, you need to understand what stages of implantation you will go through.

For classical implantation, we can name such basic stages:

  1. Your dentist will implant an artificial root – a titanium screw. It is implanted into the bone tissue. To do this, the doctor cuts the gum, opens a part of the bone tissue and drills a hole in the bone according to the size of the implant. For this, he will use special drills. The place of manipulation will be intensively irrigated with saline solution to prevent overheating of the bone. Then a titanium implant is screwed into the bone and the gum is sutured.

Modern dentistry has powerful and safe anesthetics, which make all manipulations painless for the patient. In the process of  implantation, during the cutting of the gums and drilling the bone, no painful sensations arise.  Many patients are worry about  the fact of the bone drilling. This process is 100% painless, because in our bones there are no nerves.

If the patient is really afraid to go to the dentist and do the implantation procedure, the doctor can offer him a sedation. It can be compared with the state of drowsiness. In children’s dentistry nitrous oxide is used for sedation. After the sedation a patient will be in a state of emotional relaxation, have no anxious feelings. At the same time, he retains his breath, reflexes, he is capable of verbal communication. An important advantage of sedation –  the patient has no negative feelings after the end of its influence. But remember that sedation does not block pain sensitivity, the patient feels pain. That is why, sedation should be used in conjunction with local anesthesia.

  1. After engraftment of the titanium implant post, an abutment is wound onto the implant. It’s a sort of connecting element between the implant and the tooth restoration. In conclusion, the tooth restoration is fixed on the abutment.

The last stage of implantation, like the previous one, is completely painless. During the fixation of the abutment and tooth restoration, the tissues are not injured and pain does not occur.

The implantation procedure itself is painless, but pain syndrome in the postoperative period will appear in any case. So, you have to implement the recommendations of the implantologist strictly and correctly. Only this can reduce the intensity of pain syndrome and exclude complications. Remember that painful sensations after implantation can last for 5-6 days. If you feel dental implant pain longer, you should contact your doctor.


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