Incomplete Abortion Symptoms

Incomplete abortion is the pathological state during a woman’s pregnancy. It is the situation when the egg has fully separated from the uterus, the fetus is dead, but it does not come out. Such state can be diagnosed up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. On the later term, it is called antenatal fetus death and cannot be classified as abortion. The incomplete abortion usually occurs because of the medical mistakes while performing the abortion procedure. The most risky case of abortion options in this context is medication-induced abortion.

The reasons for such a pathology can be complicated and consist of several influencing factors. Among them are:

  1. The influence of bad ecological conditions.
  2. The action of radiation.
  3. Heavy infections and inflammatory diseases in a pregnant woman, including indigestions.
  4. Several abortions in anamnesis.
  5. Medication abortion on the term of 45 days after the last menstruation.
  6. Genetic issues.
  7. Alcohol and drug consumption during the pregnancy.
  8. Hormonal imbalance.

What are the symptoms of the incomplete abortion?

  1. Pain in the lower part of the stomach. It appears from time to time, has a spastic character and spreads all over spine and perineum. It can have different intensiveness. Sometimes it is a slight discomfort; sometimes the pain is extremely strong.
  2. Bleeding from vagina. The blood may be from red to brown color.
  3. The uterus increases in size. While palpation it feels soft and painful.
  4. The body temperature increases.
  5. The ultrasound diagnostic shows the egg with no signs of movement and heartbeat.

In case if the abortion is incomplete, it is necessary to remove the dead fetus as fast as it is possible. The medicaments will not be the best decision in this case. After the fetus removal the antibiotic therapy is required. Then the oral contraception pills must be taken during 4-6 moths. They help stabilize the hormonal sphere and improve the reproductive health of a woman. This will prevent such situation in future.

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