How To Prevent Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss can occur because of many factors like stress, bad food or ecology, misbalanced daily menu or genetics. A third of the planet population suffers from it, and there are thousands of women among them. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent the hair loss that is determined by genetic factors, but if we correct our usual way of life and get rid of some habits connected with hair care, we can reduce the chances of having such problem.

So, how to prevent hair loss by doing what we can?

  1. Try to avoid using hair dryers, hot brushes or curling irons. High temperature weakens the protein in hair and makes them too dry and vulnerable, it can cause their loss. So, let them get dry after washing by natural way and try to use hot means of drying as rare as possible. Be very careful because if the head skin is burnt, it can damage the hair follicles forever without a chance of renovating.
  2. Avoid making a chemical curling or straightening of your hair. Chemical action changes the inner structure of the hair by breaking their natural connections. It makes hair weak and easy to get lost.
  3. Try not to dye your hair, because the aggressive action of coloring elements is also not good for hair health. If you still do it, try not to dye them more often than once in 4-6 weeks. And if the hair goes grey, it’s better to let it become so, then to get them dyed.
  4. Don’t do tight hairdos. The usage of pins and hair bands can also be harmful for your hair, and there’s even a disease that occurs because of them. It’s called traction alopecia.
  5. Wash your head regularly with soft shampoo. Proper hair hygiene helps to keep the hair clean and prevent the development of the infections that can cause the hair loss. And soft shampoo can give your hair more volume.
  6. Use the right brush. It must be soft and made of natural materials, and the technique of brushing is also important – do it from the inside. Be delicate and don’t tear them out.
  7. Eat healthy food and don’t be fond of diets – strict diets poor with nutritive elements can cause the hair loss.

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