How to Eat Your Broccoli to Get the Most of It?

The reputation of superfood gained by broccoli seems to have come to stay. This magic vegetable has many fans and haters. Fans praise its unique compound full of important vitamins and minerals. Haters complain about its taste claiming it to be poor and unpleasant. However, any food can be cooked the way that opens the best notes of its flavor.

Why cooking broccoli is definitely worth trying? This vegetable is good for your health not only because it contains very few calories and zero fats. It is really a great source of multiple nutrients especially important for people with certain health issues. It preserves most of its priceless compound being eaten raw. But if you don’t like its taste, you can cook it.

Who Should Eat Broccoli?

This super vegetable will be a wonderful addon to anyone’s diet. However, there are groups of people whose daily menu especially needs to include broccoli. This includes the following people.


The diversity of vitamins contained in broccoli helps balance the child’s diet to contain all that is necessary for a growing body. Unfortunately, most of the children hate broccoli, and parents need to be creative and smart to make them eat it.


Eating organic broccoli may reduce the risk of developing uterine fibroids and cancerous tumors. If a woman already has this problem, she shouldn’t give up on broccoli either – this super vegetable can relieve the debilitating symptoms of the tumors.


Broccoli reduces estrogen production and helps maintain the optimal balance of male hormones. The sulforaphane containing in this vegetable also helps prevent prostate cancer.

People with diabetes and cardiovascular issues

Broccoli has the ability to drive the cholesterol out of the blood and regulate the level of sugar in the blood. It has a low glycemic index that is very important for people with diabetes. For people with cardiovascular diseases, broccoli is useful because of its ability to strengthen the blood vessel walls.

People with mental health issues

Broccoli is the source of vitamin B1, important for the nervous system. It reduces anxiety and irritation and helps you be concentrated and have a better memory. On this very reason, it is recommended to eat for elderly people too.

What Is the Best Way to Eat Broccoli?

Of course, raw unprocessed broccoli is the most useful option. It preserves all the vitamins and nutrients many of which are lost during the high temperatures of cooking. If you can’t stand the taste of raw broccoli, you can boil or steam it but the cooking process should be minimal to preserve the useful properties of the vegetable. Seven minutes is enough to cook it preserving everything that is necessary and giving it a delish al dente taste.

It’s totally not recommended to roast it and to steam or boil for a long time. It will not only lose its unique benefits but will release chemical solutions that aren’t good for your health. This is why broccoli soup is a bad idea. You shouldn’t use the water in which your broccoli was boiled because it will contain harmful components that were released in the process of boiling.

Are There Only Benefits?

Nothing is perfect in this world, even broccoli. It is not recommended for people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases in the acute phase. Also, you should remember that broccoli can cause an individual intolerance or allergic reaction as any other plant.

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