How Soon You Can Get Pregnant Again?

As your baby is born, you have plenty of things to do and perhaps the last thing you would want is to double them. However, there are enough mothers who are quite okay with the idea that they can get pregnant again very soon. People are different, each decision deserves respect. But the information about the next pregnancy right after labor will be equally relevant for both types of novice mothers.

Is It Really Impossible to Conceive While You Breastfeed?

It is believed that you can’t conceive when you are breastfeeding. This idea has scientifically approved ground. You can thank prolactin for this. This hormone is responsible for your lactation. It starts producing when you are pregnant to get your body prepared for this vital process. It is known to oppress ovulation.

The secretion of prolactin in a woman’s body depends on how often she breastfeeds. When the child is on breastfeeding only, usually the amount of this hormone produced is enough not to let ovulation happen. But it is a very individual issue and you can’t count only on this if you don’t want to end looking for abortion options desperately.

The terms of the ovulation reload are also very individual. They can be different even in one woman. Though in women who don’t breastfeed usually ovulation and periods come back earlier, you can be fertile again even in three weeks after labor. And the trickiest thing is that the absence of periods doesn’t mean you can’t conceive (just the same way as their presence doesn’t necessarily mean ovulation).

How You Can Try to Control It All

Things are so complicated! What to do then? How to control the situation? You can’t fully control it but at least you can try. Beginning from the 6th week after labor, you can start measuring your basal temperature. This may give you the information about the start of the ovulation if you track everything scrupulously.

However, this method can’t be 100% correct because not only ovulation can influence the basal temperature. There are plenty of other factors that can change it. Therefore, you can rely on this method only partially and support yourself with means of birth control that should be prescribed by your doctor. You need them even if you don’t think you do.

Breastfeeding is a special time when not every birth control method is appropriate. It shouldn’t affect your breast milk. What if you don’t mind getting pregnant again? You still need birth control – a woman’s body restores after labor completely after two years. Of course, there are cases of happy families with stair-steppers but isn’t it better to be prepared and exclude as many risks as possible?

If two years is optimal, that means you can try to conceive again in 1.5 years. Your body will restore its hormonal metabolism, cardiovascular system, blood circulation and the functions of organs. Your children deserve a happy and healthy mother. Give her to them, even if it means waiting a little bit more than you want, and no one in your family won’t be disappointed by this waiting.

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