How Can Electrical Stimulation Help?

The procedure of electrical stimulation for pain is one of the ways of physical therapy treatment that has the purpose to renovate the muscle tissues; especially it concerns nerves and muscles after traumas or any other damage. In the process of electrical stimulation, the electric impulses of different strength and frequency are used. It helps to renovate or improve lowered trophic functions of nervous bundles, to improve the process of muscle renovation and their contractility.

There are very many reasons to appoint electrical stimulation for a patient. Among them are all states when the speed of nervous impulse way is changed, all states of paralysis and paresis of muscles, the damaging of nerves caused by traumas. These are spastic paralyses in the process of various diseases, for example, multiple and amyotrophic sclerosis, polyneuropathies, sensitivity disorders because of various traumas, central paralysis and paresis caused by brain blood circulation pathologies, long-term adynamia of muscles that is characterized by its atrophy (also while long-term fracture treatment). It’s important to say that electrical stimulation cannot be a single treatment measure, it can be helpful only as a part of multicomponent treatment strategy.

This procedure is very effective for the back muscle stimulation in the situation when patient stays in bed for a long time. It helps to renovate their strength and endurance. It is very important for the post-op rehabilitation and for patients after heavy traumas of the head and spine.

There are enough contraindications to that procedure, though. Among them are pregnancy, malignant tumors, skin diseases, cancer diseases (including skin cancer) heart diseases, ischemic brain damages, fever states, cardiovascular pathologies. Electrical stimulation can be appointed only after visit of neurologist and physical therapist. This method of treatment can be useful in home conditions, which is a very convenient feature. It does not cause any complications and always gives a positive effect.


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