Hemorrhoids And Prostate Cancer: Is there a connection?

Many people wonder, if there is any connection between hemorrhoids and prostate cancer. Well, this question is not so easy to answer. Prostate cancer is a thing that is really difficult to diagnose on the earlier stages. Usually it develops slowly, does not show any symptoms. They may be discovered only if there are some problems in this area occur. So, if you visit gastroenterologist concerning your hemorrhoid problems, it will be very good. If there is some formation or pathological changes in rectal area, there will be a possibility to notice or suspect it during the exam.

Can hemorrhoids cause the prostate cancer? Unfortunately, nobody can answer that question for sure. Any traumas, cell changes and structural pathologies are the risk factors for cancer cells development. But there is no strict correlation between cancer and traumas of vessels, as in case with hemorrhoids. A person can have hemorrhoids and have prostate cancer, but these disease may be not even connected with each other. Many people have hemorrhoids and very few of them have prostate cancer. The correlation between the two diseases is not proved by any research. Still hemorrhoids certainly may count as the risk factor.

The tricky thing about prostate cancer is that when the tumor is not big yet, it is hard to find. Neither palpation nor even ultrasound will discover it on the early stage. Only the blood analyses is able to show the true picture of cancer. To sum it all up – the disease is hard to diagnose. If there are problems with vessels and there are cases of any cancer in your relatives, these risk factors are enough to think of PSA analysis. It will not require much time and efforts from you, but you will be sure about what to expect. The earliest stages of cancer have more chances on successful treatment, so timely diagnostics and attention to your health are very important. 

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