Hemorrhoid and Massage

Hemorrhoid is a rather unpleasant disease that spoils the quality of life significantly. It occurs because of the wrong lifestyle. Sedentary way of living provokes the problems with blood circulation. Poor diet provokes the appearance of constipations and diarrheas that contribute to the progress of the disease.  Stresses, alcohol consumption and overweight also provoke the appearance of hemorrhoid bundles. Nowadays this problem is real even for children that spend all their time in front of the computer and eat unhealthy food.

There are different methods of hemorrhoid treatment, including conservative and surgical. Also there are ways to relieve the symptoms of the disease that bring much discomfort to a patient. Among them are physical therapy, domestic methods and massage. The special massage course has the purpose to increase blood circulation in pelvic zones that suffer from its stagnation. This procedure has its contraindications. These are:

  1. The sharp phase of the digestive diseases and diseases of abdominal organs.
  2. The tuberculosis of abdomen and bowel.
  3. The tumors of abdominal organs.
  4. The digestive diseases that go together with bleedings.

Before such massage it is recommended to empty the bladder and intestine. Sometimes it is wise to have an enema before the procedure.  A patient must stand on his knees and shoulders. The specialist must wear a special protection on his finger and insert it into the anus of the patient. The massage of hemorrhoid bundles makes the protruded elements slowly go back. The vibration required for the normal blood circulation is performed with the help of the special device.

If there are any cracks on the surface of the rectum, the healing suppositories must be inserted 15 minutes before the procedure. The massage must end with the complex of special exercises. They put the protruded anus to its normal position and help strengthen the muscles of the rectum.

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