Hemorrhoid And Constipations

Constipations are among the main provoking factors of the hemorrhoid appearance. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what problem occurred the first. A proper hemorrhoid treatment is impossible if you will not solve the constipation problem. What is it and why does it appear?

Constipation is the difficult, slow or not enough defecation. Prolonged defecation increases the pressure inside the abdomen and in the rectum. It is even equal to the pressure caused by a heavy weight lifting. The gathering of the fecal masses interfere with normal blood circulation in the vessel bundles of the cavernous bodies of the rectum. Soon it leads to the formation of the hemorrhoid bundles.

Constipations are mostly a problem of children, elderly people and women in the periods of pregnancy and post-labor. As it considered normal, the emptying of the intestine must happen once a day or two. The defecation in healthy people must happen without difficulties; the fecal masses are clearly shaped and have no admixtures.

When a patient has constipations, the process of defecation includes efforts and discomfort. Fecal masses are hard and it is difficult for them to come out. There can be several types of constipation according to the physiological reasons of their appearance – primary and secondary. The primary constipations are subdivided into two groups:

  1. Functional constipation. It is a common problem for the people who lead unhealthy way of life and have poor diet. It does not appear because of any rectal or anal physical anomalies, it does not involve psychic issues. The functional constipation can be proctogenic (rectal) and cologenic. In the first case, he defecation urge is weak or absent. In the second case, the moving of the fecal masses through the colon is slow.
  2. Organic constipation develops because of the damage of the rectum or anal tract. It may occur because of different reasons – colitis, disbacteriosis, anal fissure, hemorrhoid and criptitis. The scars and adhesions on the colon, anal stenosis, rectal prolapses. The colon tumors or the anal neuralgia that develops after operations and traumas of the anus.

The secondary constipation is usually a consequence of traumas, diseases or the side effect after some medication treatment. It is also subdivided on several categories.

  1. Reflector constipation occurs because of the cholecystitis or ulcerous disease.
  2. Neurogenic constipation occurs because of the nervous disease.
  3. Endocrine constipations occur because of the endocrine pathologies or hormonal imbalance.
  4. Chemical intoxication may cause two types of the constipation – toxic and metabolic.
  5. Mechanical constipation.
  6. Psychogenic constipation occurs because of the depression or neurogenic anorexia.

The most important thing in diagnostics of the constipations is to determine the reason of their appearance. The efficient treatment is impossible without it. The great specter of the instrumental and laboratory examinations is required for the diagnostic and determination of the constipation reasons.


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