Greenish Vaginal Discharge

A woman’s organism is a complicated system. The changes in one sphere of it bring changes in its entire work. On noticing any strange or discomfort symptoms, the first thing you need do is visit the doctor. Today we are going to speak about abnormal vaginal discharge of greenish shade that often bring fear to women. What does such pathology mean?

Vaginal discharge is a usual and quite normal thing for the functioning of a female body. This is the way vagina cleans itself. Normally, the discharge is transparent or of a white shade, have slimy structure and have no particular smell. However, sometimes women notice heavy extraction of a greenish substance with a fishy smell. The substance have a consistency of a cottage cheese and often brings such discomfort as the itch and swollen vagina.

Terrified women start surfing the web looking for information. The most often diagnosis they establish themselves according to the information found is the yeast infection. They start trying to treat it at home without the consultation of the specialist. But green discharge though it may be the symptom of candidiasis, does not always mean only this disease. The true disease often becomes unnoticed and gains chronic form. That is why self-diagnostics is never a way out.

So, what diseases may cause such symptoms? Here they are:

  1. The inflammatory processes in the inner sex organs (cervix, ovaries, appendages).
  2. Infection diseases, including sexually transmitted ones.
  3. The inflammatory processes caused by bacterial infection in the inner organs. They often occur during pregnancy.
  4. Viral diseases in the sharp period, especially flu.
  5. The increased amount of the leukocytes, as the consequence of the inflammatory diseases such as gynecological diseases, tumors, blood diseases. Menopause and pregnancy are also the provoking factors for such state of things.

To make a true diagnosis, the analyses are required. Their results will be the determining factor for appointing the proper treatment and its successful result.


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