Glass Partitions in Your Office: Yes or No

A glass partition in the interior of an office, shopping center, cafe, clinic or bank is used often and successfully. With the help of these designs, it is possible to divide space into several functional zones, maximally preserving the visual space and illumination of the whole room. The design of glass partitions has many options and is able to satisfy almost any request.

The purpose of the glass partitions is to divide the space of offices, shopping centers, administrative buildings, highlighting functional areas with the preservation of visual space.

And what do office workers think about this? Is the glass partition convenient and is it comfortable to work in such an “open” place?

Main areas in an office usually include corridors, sales departments, showrooms and meeting rooms. To ensure the transparency of space, matte or tinted glass is commonly used. New advances in technology have recently created “smart glass“, which allows smoothly adjusting the transparency of the glass using liquid crystals.

Pros of Glass Constructions:

  1. The installation of office glass partitions is not hard, they are installed in a short time, without “wet” work (cementing, concreting, etc.). Also, there are mobile models, the installation of which is simplified as much as possible.
  2. Glass designs make it possible to make a small office more spacious and cozy due to a repeated reflection of light. Being in an open, well-lit space helps to improve mood and increase efficiency.
  3. Transparent partitions help control the workflow. These designs will also benefit ordinary employees. At the rash of the working day, when there are many people in the office, it is quite difficult to find the right person. Thanks to the glass walls, the time spent on the search will be greatly reduced.
  4. Glass partitions have many design options. They can be transparent, matte, tinted, combined, and also have decorative inserts. Thus, each company can choose an option that fits the interior of the office to the corporative style.
  5. Glass partitions are durable and safe, their thickness can reach up to ¾ in. In addition, the surfaces are protected by a special strip, which prevents the scattering of fragments in case of glass breakage.

Cons of glass constructions:

  1. Many people do not like to work “behind the glass”, because all their actions immediately become public. This problem has a simple solution – you can blinds on the glass partitions.
  2. Glass quickly gets dirty and needs to be cleaned frequently. But, as a rule, it is the duty of other professional people.

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