Get Ready To Pelvic Ultrasound Exam

The pelvic ultrasound examination is quite a common procedure in the diagnostic of different diseases. To receive the true and quality results, there are certain preparations required before it. The ways of performing the diagnostic can be different, and they require different methods of preparation, too. There ultrasound exam may perform in transabdominal, transvaginal, transrectal or combined way.

  1. Getting prepared to the transabdominal exam. It is the most commonly used method of diagnostics. The sensor is used to investigate inner organs through abdomen. The preparations required for this kind of exam will take several days.

During three days before the procedure, a patient must be on a special diet. Any products that can cause bloating must be removed from menu. Among forbidden products are beans, raw milk, soda drinks. In a couple of hours before the procedure, it is not recommended to urinate. The bladder must be full before it. It is necessary for a good vision because the bowel needs to be aroused a little.

  1. Getting prepared to the transvaginal exam. It is widely used for the diagnostics of various gynecological diseases. The sensor to scan the inner organs is inserted through the vagina. The only preparation required for this type of procedure is a proper hygiene of the patient’s intimate organs.
  2. Getting prepared to the transrectal exam. The preparation scheme is similar as in case with the transabdominal exam, but it is a little more complicated. The cleansing enema is required a day before the procedure. Cleansing of the bowel is better to do thrice – two times the evening before, once in the morning, right before the procedure.
  3. Getting prepared to the combined exam. Well, the combinations of methods may be various. It is important which ones will be used to determine the preparation measures. Usually the doctor gives precise instructions about the preparations to a patient.

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