False Toothache: What Is The Reason?

Toothache is a very painful thing. Hardly anyone can tolerate it for a long time. It will make you go to the doctor eventually. But what if the doctor cannot see any problem? Your teeth hurt but the diagnostic shows there is nothing wrong with them. What to do?

Sometimes we feel the toothache but the problem is not with teeth. Some diseases, so to say, pretend to be dental. Those diseases can be connected with different organs of our body – eyes and ears, spine, brain, cardiovascular system. A high-quality professional will determine the real reason of your pain and recommend you a good specialist.

So, when you think that you have a toothache, the source of pain can be…

  1. The trifacial nerve. This nerve is responsible for the sensitivity of your face and mouth. If this nerve suffers (usually because of the overcooling), the pain you feel is very similar to the toothache. Sometimes it can be a complication after the herpetic infection.
  2. Cluster headaches. This syndrome has an unclear origin. Usually it expresses through the pain in the upper jaw. It can even feel like the sharp pulpitis. Most of the people tend to feel it much stronger after the alcohol consumption.
  3. Ear inflammation. Usually it is caused by streptococcus. We know that sometimes our ears suffer from the pain in our chewing teeth. Well, in this case everything is the opposite. If your ear is inflamed, you may feel the pain in the entire upper jaw.
  4. Sharp sinusitis. The roots of the upper teeth are situated near the maxillary cavities. Their inflammation touches them too. The pain may be felt in various ways.
  5. Heart diseases. When you feel the pain from the left, it can be the sign of stenocardia.
  6. It develops in salivary glands. When the stone is getting big, it causes pain and edema. It is removed by the dentist by excision of the salivary tract.
  7. Bone or muscular traumas that touch neck, jaws or head.
  8. The nervous pains. They do not have clear clinical picture and treated by neurologist or psychiatrist.

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