Dryness In The Eyes

Many people are complaining that they often have discomfort feelings in their eyes. It feels like the presence of a foreign body in the eye though when they examine it there is no any. This feeling is caused by the dryness of their eyes or, to be more exact, the dryness of the corneal surface. The membrane of tears produced by lacrimal gland protects our eye and provides the proper sharpness of the vision. It is a complicated system whose functionality depends on many factors.

Very often people have a feeling of the dry eyes in the morning right after sleep. It happens because when we sleep the tears from the corneal surface are going inside. The eye is not enough hydrated and we feel discomfort. Our cornea is stuffed with multiple nervous sensors and if there any problem occurs they immediately react by giving the brain an alarm. In case if the glands will not renew their balance in time we feel that “foreign body in the eye” effect.

There are many reasons that can cause the dryness of the eye. First, people who wear contact lenses are vulnerable to it. The hard lenses are less comfortable but safer for the eye. They cover fewer amount of the surface and the process of lacrimation is not interfered with so significantly.

The other powerful risk factor is the computer’s electromagnetic radiation. Nowadays people spend really a lot of time near computers and their eyes suffer. The conditioner also dries out the air too much and it influences our eyes. So if you spend much time in a room with conditioner, provide it also by the air moisturizer.

Hormonal imbalance is also a significant factor that provokes eye dryness. Women in pre-menopausal period often suffer from it. The pathological dryness may become a consequence of operations on eyes or the hormonal medications. Visit your ophthalmologist and he will determine the reason of such state of your eyes and appoint the proper treatment.

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