Dry Mouth: Why Do You Feel This Way And What To Do?

Why do we feel dryness in mouth? That means that our organism doesn’t produce enough saliva to maintain the necessary level of moist in the mouth. Sometimes everyone can feel it, especially in stress situations. But if this feeling is not situational, but lasts for a long time, it can be a marker of some more deep problems with health and needs your attention. Saliva’s part is not only to moisture our mouth, it also helps to digest the food, protects our teeth from cavities, prevents the development of various diseases by controlling the activity of bacteria in mouth and helps us to chew and swallow the food.

There are some certain reasons of mouth dryness caused by problems with work of salivary glands. These are:

  1. Side effects of some medicine – there’s about 400 medicine preparations that weaken salivary glands. Among them are antihistamines, diuretics, analgesics and anti-edema preparations, some antidepressants and also treatments for lowering blood pressure level.
  2. The most dangerous for salivary glands proper work are diabetes mellitus, AIDS, Parkinson disease, Hodgkin disease and Chagrin disease.
  3. The function of salivary glands can also be weakened by radiotherapy of head and neck while treatment of oncology disease. The loss of salivary production depends on many factors and can be full or partial. Temporary or constant.
  4. Medicine required while performing the chemotherapy can make saliva stiffer and it can also give you a feeling of dryness.
  5. The change of hormonal balance also influences the work of salivary glands in the period of menopause and after it.
  6. Many heavy smokers constantly feel dryness in their mouths.

Very often, the dryness in mouth gets complicated with such diseases as raspberry tongue, paradontitis and stomatitis. In this case, the consultation of periodontist NYC is required additionally.


So, how to cope with the problem? Of course, you need to visit the doctor and to clear up the reason why it occurred. But if this dry feeling brings you a lot of discomfort, you can try to improve the situation by following actions:

  1. Drink more water and sugar-free drinks. Avoid the caffeine and soda drinks; it can even strengthen the feeling of dryness.
  2. Chew gum or suck hard candies – it can increase the saliva production.
  3. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol that also increase the feeling of dry mouth.
  4. Remember that salty and spice food can also make you feel dry.
  5. Use an air moisturizer while sleeping.

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