Does Position Matter?

There exists a very popular idea about the importance of sexual position for the fertilization. Many people believe that some certain positions for sex increase the couple’s chances on getting pregnant. There is even an idea about the influence of sexual position on the future’s baby sex and personality. If the last one sounds doubtlessly ridiculous and does not even need explanations, the first two ideas have at least a little scientific ground. The believed dependence on the child’s sex on position is explained by some specific qualities of X- and Y-chromosome carrying spermatozoids. What about the chances on pregnancy?

There are no sex positions that would make the fertilization impossible or difficult. Every year thousands of babies appear to this world being created in different positions. So, the idea of sex positions to get pregnant must not be accepted as a rule. Doctors state that the schedule is more important. The best chances on pregnancy occur if a couple has a sex with an interval of a day. A day is enough for sperm to renovate and become more productive.

What about the positions? The advises to apply “missionary” classic or “doggy-style” are based on the fact that in such positions sperm has less chances on leaking out of vagina. It will be wise to use these positions in the ovulation days. But everything can be very individual, because all female organs are different and each has unique shape and proportions. So it is better to ask your gynecologist for this advice. Doctor will examine your pelvic organs and will help to choose the positions that will be the best according to your physiological peculiarities.

Still, there are some rules that are proven to be working.

  1. Avoid using lubricants when you try to fertilize. They can change the natural chemical balance in vagina and reduce your chances.
  2. Same with toys for sex. Even the condom will not protect you from unwanted bacteria.
  3. The most resistible spermatozoids are produced in a men’s body each day about 5 PM.



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