Dental Implants And Diabetes

There are many discussions about the possibilities to have dental implants for the people who suffer from diabetes. There are as many good results of the successful assimilation of the implants as the examples of various problems with dental implants. The specialists of different medicine fields – orthodontists, endocrinologists, tooth surgeons – express contradictory opinions. In any case, there is no doubt that if a patient with diabetes decides to set up dental implants, it is a big risk.

There are main factors that undoubtedly influence on the success of the implantation. It is proved by many research cases and these factors must be taken into account while making a decision about the procedure.

  1. The term of disease. The longer it exists, the less are the chances of success.

  2. The stage and type of the disease. Here it works the same way – the more severe it is, the fewer chances to successfully have teeth implanted. In patients who have only a hypoglycemic diet, the chances are bigger than in those who have an appointment for the hypoglycemic medications. If your diabetes is difficult to control or you are in need of an insulin therapy, you should better choose some other way of the dental restoration.

  3. Preparation before the procedure. In the case with diabetes, it must be taken more seriously and more things must be done. Among the traditional mouth sanitation and hygienic preparations, the antimicrobial preparations are required.

  4. Any mouth diseases a patient may have increase the risk of the implant failure.

  5. The implant construction. It must be not too long and not to short either.

  6. The implants on the lower jaw usually have better results of assimilationist than on the upper one. Of course, it is not a choice of the patient or doctor but in comples with other factors in can play its role too.

  7. The recovery period in patients with diabetes usually takes longer than in average patients. It requires more attention and control.

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