Just a Quarter of Women Get Proper Advice on Pregnancy Weight Gain

A recent study into recommendations on how much weight a woman should gain during pregnancy showed that while healthcare providers could influence the amount of weight gain, only a quarter of women received the proper advice. Another 25% of women received no advice whatsoever.

This is concerning news because women need to receive the most up-to-date recommendations from their health care provider or gynecologist. Aiming for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can decrease the risk of an adverse outcome. So, if you are pregnant then how much weight should you really gain during pregnancy?

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Urinary incontinence — why it  happens?

Urinary incontinence is a fairly common problem. At least once in a lifetime, more than half of all the women have it. Incontinence can occur both in young women after childbirth or surgery, and in older women, after the onset of menopause.

For a woman, urinary incontinence is a serious problem. It’s worsen the quality of life, leads to disorders in the sexual and psychological sphere, can provoke depression.

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The Goals Of Cryodestruction Treatment

Cryosurgery is now successfully used in different spheres of medicine. This method performs its action through the deep freezing of the tissues. The effect is possible thanks to the liquid nitrogen. Its action causes the dysfunction of the vital processes in the cell. This naturally causes the cell’s death and then its gradual abruption. The pathological hotbed that have appeared on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane disappear without trace.

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Do you have a Plan B?

Every young woman should and truly can take care of her health and body. The modern possibilities of pharmacology give you this opportunity.

Today, there is no need to wait and worry: “Will menstruation come after unprotected sex or not”. You can use Plan B or Plan B One Step. It’s a type of emergency contraception. Protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy or abortion.

How does it work and what is the difference between Plan B and Plan B One Step?

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Rehabilitation After Polyp Removal

The treatment of polyps has two stages. The first is the removal of the mucous formations, and the second is the rehabilitation period after the removal operation. If the doctor is responsible for the quality of the first stage procedure, the patient has full responsibility over the successful recovery.

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Menopausal Endometriosis

In the earlier times, endometriosis was considered the disease of women in reproductive age. But the latest statistics shows that it occurs more and more often in women during their menopause. Hardly it is the change of the tendency, perhaps such data are connected with the improvement of the diagnostic methods. In the menopausal period, it is very difficult to diagnose endometriosis because of the rebuilding of hormonal systems and multiple changes in her organism. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be endometriosis treatment. Menopausal endometriosis is especially dangerous because the disease in this period may have serious consequences for a woman.

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Post-Abortion Syndrome

Abortion is not only an unplanned surgical intrusion into the organism of a woman, but a difficult moral decision that can become a traumatic experience for a woman. Many women feel guilty after it and it brings them many sufferings. It the so-called post-abortion syndrome. There are many different points of view on this question in the society and the flaming discussions about the morality of this operation all over the world never stop.

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What Is PID?

Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID) occur because of the presence of some serious infection in a woman’s organism. They strike uterus, ovaries and uterine tubes. The consequences of those diseases may be very serious either. A scar tissue may appear in pelvis or uterine tubes. It can lead to the infertility, ectopic pregnancy or chronic pelvic pain.

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Pathological Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal and natural thing for a woman. This is the way vagina cleans itself. However, you should be attentive to such qualities of vaginal discharge as their amount, color, smell and consistency. The pathological discharge is usually only a symptom of some urogenital disease. The treatment should be focused not only on getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms, but to do it in complex and remove the reason of their appearance. In this very case, a woman requires vaginal examination, analysis and USD diagnostics.

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