Glass Partitions in Your Office: Yes or No

A glass partition in the interior of an office, shopping center, cafe, clinic or bank is used oftenly and successfully. With the help of these designs, it is possible to divide space into several functional zones, maximally preserving the visual space and illumination of the whole room. The design of glass partitions has many options and is able to satisfy almost any request.

The purpose of the glass partitions is to divide the space of offices, shopping centers, administrative buildings, highlighting functional areas with the preservation of visual space.

And what do office workers think about this? Is the glass partition convenient and is it comfortable to work in such an “open” place?

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How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding Photos

Preparing for your wedding day takes a lot of time. We want these memories to remain not only in our memory. A charming bride, elegant groom, excited parents, happy guests…

The memoirs of the wedding celebration should be saved for yourself, parents and, of course, future generations. Beautiful wedding photos, carefully stored in an album, will be a real family value. After all, these are memories of the most beautiful day in the life of every couple.

Even if you want to come up with the most original wedding photo session, you can be sure that someone has already realized your ideas. In this collection, we have included eight unusual ideas for wedding photos. Most of the ideas are quite repeatable and can be borrowed, if not in detail, then at least in essence.

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