Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

You will have a procedure for implantation of the tooth, and you are worried if it is painful?

To understand this, you need to understand what stages of implantation you will go through.

For classical implantation, we can name such basic stages:

  1. Your dentist will implant an artificial root – a titanium screw. It is implanted into the bone tissue. To do this, the doctor cuts the gum, opens a part of the bone tissue and drills a hole in the bone according to the size of the implant. For this, he will use special drills. The place of manipulation will be intensively irrigated with saline solution to prevent overheating of the bone. Then a titanium implant is screwed into the bone and the gum is sutured.
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The Reason Of The Shark Teeth Appearance

All the parents know that the constant teeth will replace the primary teeth of their children. However, very often the constant teeth start growing before the loss of the primary ones. The teeth start growing in two rows and it forms the abnormal bite. The so-called shark teeth kids can be seen here and there. Why does it happen so?

Normally, the germs of the constant teeth perform a pressing action upon the roots of the primary teeth. Their roots start dissolving under this pressure and become movable. Finally, they fall out themselves or the doctor removes them easily. But sometimes it happens so that they are located in the parallel planes. In this case, during the dentition of the constant tooth the pressure it occurs on the root of the primary tooth is not enough. In such cases, it grows near or above the primary one.

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Plastic Cosmetic Bridges

Cosmetic bridges made of plastic have many advantages and disadvantages. These must be taken into consideration when the decision about this choice is made. Among the undoubted advantages is the high aesthetic qualities and the simplicity of the production technology. It takes only one lab stage.

The disadvantages of the plastic cosmetic bridges is their low durability qualities. They also lose their aesthetic qualities with time. These are the valuable factors for the appointments of such prostheses. Your dentist may appoint them in the following cases.

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6 Cruel But True Facts About Braces

Braces is an orthodontic construction that is placed in the mouth and attached to the teeth surface. Everyone knows that teeth braces can fix the problems with occlusion even in the adult patients. Correction of the malocclusion with the help of teeth braces is a lengthy procedure that requires many efforts and brings certain inconvenience. It requires regular medical control and changes in the regulation of the brace system. It may sound and look not very attractive, but if everything is done correctly, the result is worth it.

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Amalgam Fillings Pros And Cons

All of us know that the mirrors are made with amalgam but not everyone knows that it is successfully used in dentistry too. It is a part of the special composition for fillings. The mercury and silver alloy are mixed as a plastic mass that hardens inside the tooth cavity. This alloy also contain other metals like zinc, tin and copper. The amalgam appears as the result of the chemical reaction.

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Dental Implants And Diabetes

There are many discussions about the possibilities to have dental implants for the people who suffer from diabetes. There are as many good results of the successful assimilation of the implants as the examples of various problems with dental implants. The specialists of different medicine fields – orthodontists, endocrinologists, tooth surgeons – express contradictory opinions. In any case, there is no doubt that if a patient with diabetes decides to set up dental implants, it is a big risk.

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What Is Periostitis?

Periostitis is the severe gum disease that means the inflammatory process in the periosteum or the jawbone. It is characterized by the severe toothache and gum edema so strong that it distorts the face contour. It required immediate medical help. Otherwise, the disease progresses very fast, the pain increases and the purulent tumor is getting bigger. The fever is stable; the infection spreads all over the nearer tissues. In the most difficult cases, the end is blood contamination and death. That is why it is very important to treat periostitis immediately.

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When Does Your Child Need Crowns?

There exists a harmful stereotype about the primary teeth that they do not require much treatment because they will be lost and replaced by the constant teeth. This mistake very often leads to serious problems with children’s dental health. The change of the primary teeth has a certain schedule. If the teeth are lost earlier than they are supposed to, it is a pathology and it has consequences.

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What Are Dental Retainers?

Dental retainer is the means of special correction treatment that help achieve the final result of the orthodontic treatment. Let us see why it is necessary and why braces are not enough. We all know that a tooth has a crown and a root. We can see the crown, but we normally cannot see the root if it is not baring because of some disease. The jaw is the bone, so naturally the tooth root is surrounded by the bone tissue. But the tooth has no hard fixation on it. There is a little space between the tooth and the bone, the so-called periodontal hole. It contains the ligaments that hold the tooth on its place, and also nerves and vessels that provide it with nutritive elements.

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Why Is It Important To Have A Family Dentist?

Family values and traditions usually mean much for the people. They want to share something important with the future generations. The family traditions can be different – even little things mean a lot. And if one of the family traditions is taking care about health, it is a very good family. Especially it concerns dental health, because very often people neglect their problems with teeth and have a problem afterwards. The family plays a significant role in the attitude of people towards dentistry service. How does it happen? Let us see.

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