Are Skincare Products with Stem Cells Really Effective?

If you have Internet or TV, you probably heard about stem cell technologies used in medicine and cosmetics at least once. Maybe you’ve also heard some ethic discussion concerning the use of them. In any way, stem cell technology is a thing. Not only does it promises great results in medical and cosmetic implementation but has already shown them.

The hype was also caught by the beauty industry. There are plenty of cosmetic procedures and skin care products based on the magic of stem cells. They promise regeneration, rejuvenation and many other possible wonders to happen to your skin. Although the research is still ongoing, this type of skin care is already a trend.

How Do Stem Cells Work?

Stem cells are, to say it shortly, the template cells that can build new cells of a body they are inserted into. This makes them a helpful supplement for the body. The cells extracted from the bone marrow of a patient are not rejected by the immune system and have excellent compatibility. Stem cell therapy for back, arthritis, chronic pain works by this principle.

Speaking about cosmetic facial products, such implementation is impossible. So the stem cells of plants are used. The effects vary depending on what plant they are taken from. Plant stem cells have much in common with the human stem cells, but they aren’t similar.

How Do Stem Cells-Based Facial Products Work?

The following facts about the plant stem cells will help you understand how they work and what you should be ready for. Don’t wait for miracles though.

Stem cells are effective only when alive

The effect of stem cells in medicine is based on the action of living cells in a body. But cream is not the appropriate environment to keep them alive. They need a certain temperature, nutrition, and many other conditions to thrive. A cream jar or lotion bottle can’t provide that.

There are no actual stem cells in those creams

The fact above proves that there is no use in adding actual stem cells into a cream – they will simply die and become useless. Therefore, their action is based on the extracts taken from stem cells, not from the cells directly.

These facial products will not bring you back your youth

Your beauty is your lifestyle, your food, activity, and self-care. If you are not responsible in these aspects, there is no magic cream that can stop your aging. The only types of creams who really fight against aging are sunscreen creams. Sunrays are an aggressive environmental factor that contributes to early skin aging.

Those creams really work but not because of the stem cells activity

The power of such creams is based purely on the antioxidants contained in the plant extracts. These elements successfully fight free radicals that cause cellular damage, and, as a result, early skin aging. Plus, these creams are enriched with other important nutrients (which shouldn’t have been needed if the “stem cell magic” existed).

Now you know the truth. To try or not to try – it’s up to you! But remember – self-care and beauty are much more than just a cream; it’s the way you live your life.

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