Abnormal Hymen Development

The abnormal development of hymen means its wrong structure. It may cause the closed vaginal opening. One or several additional holes may form there in such case. While diagnosing the anomaly, it is very important to determine the exact type of pathology. It will help to choose the proper treatment strategy not to let the abnormality completely spoil a woman’s life quality.

There is classification of hymen pathologies according to the structural changes in it. These are:

  1. Hymen septus (or septate hymen) – the hymen is divided by the vertical partition.
  2. Hymen alius – the hymen is situated too high and is curved a little. The hole is situated inside under the urethra, so the opening is almost completely closed.
  3. Hymen anularis – the tissues are creating a narrowing ring near the vaginal opening.
  4. Hymen cribriformis – the hymen has the barred structure. It has multiple holes.
  5. Hymen fimbriatus – The edges of opening remind the structure of a fringe. This usually causes great worries in a girl’s parents. Those fringes may look like polyps or tumor. But this pathology is harmless and does not even require certain treatment measures. It is only a cosmetic defect and does not bring any harm to a girl’s intimate health.

The treatment strategy strictly depends on the structure of abnormal hymen. Foe example, if the hymen’s position is too high, it can be corrected only by the surgical intrusion. In any case, the operation is better to perform when a girl is still a child. In adolescent age, there is a risk of getting the urine into the vagina. If the proper treatment does not perform in time, it can cause infection disease and chronic mucous inflammation of the sex organs. In the process of surgical intrusion, they completely remove the hymen.

Still, the cases may be different. There are some cases of hymen anomalies that can be treated only after the adolescent age. If the menstruations begins and there is a problem while inserting the tampons into vagina, the operation must be performed as soon as possible.


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