7 Facts About Hymen You Didn’t Know

Though nowadays Internet provides us with a huge amount of information, many young girls and even adult women are ignorant about their bodies. The hymen is among very disputable topics and here are seven facts about it. They will probably give answers to many questions a girl may have.

  1. No one knows why are the girls born with the hymen, but a fact is a fact – it is present in a woman’s body since her birth (disregarding possible congenital pathologies that may take place). It is destroyed at the very moment a girl has her first sexual intercourse.
  1. A girl grows and the hymen changes too. The density of the hymen depends on various factors. The more active life a girl lives, the thinner it becomes. Even simple walking influences on this. In addition, the hymen becomes thinner in the puberty age.
  1. A pain in the process of defloration is not a rule. There is an old myth about the pain during the first sex. It can be present but the reasons may be very various. Usually the hymen is too thin to make it painful and the reasons are not connected with its mechanical damage. This myth also contributes to the painful feelings of the girls. They are preparing themselves to the pain and it make them be afraid of it. They cannot relax and their tensed muscles and fear causes pain they were waiting for. The accuracy and gentleness of the partner is also important.
  1. Blood on the sheets. There is another myth about the bleeding in the process of defloration. It is also not a rule and not connected with the hymen’s tear. The most of the girls are having their first sex with unexperienced partners and the blood, if appears, is the result of their lack of experience and tenderness.
  1. A hymen does not close the vaginal opening. This even sounds ridiculous. How could have girls had their menstruations if it would have been so? A hymen is covered with holes that let the menstrual blood come out.
  1. One of 200 women has a microperforate hymen. It means that those holes are too small and it does not get thinner with time. Girls with such hymen pathology cannot use tampons during their periods. In such cases, microperforate hymen surgery is appointed. This operation is not difficult and many gynecological clinics provide such service.
  1. In the earlier times, people knew very little about a woman’s intimate sphere. A blood on the sheets was the proof of the bride’s virginity and humbleness. If there were no blood after the first night after wedding, a woman was covered with disgrace and it could have had very bad consequences for her social status. Many women even wounded themselves to cover the sheets with blood if there were none. Nowadays the society became more progressive and educated. The ancient myths are left in past and no one has the right to assume a woman’s intimate sphere to judge her.

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