6 Cruel But True Facts About Braces

Braces is an orthodontic construction that is placed in the mouth and attached to the teeth surface. Everyone knows that teeth braces can fix the problems with occlusion even in the adult patients. Correction of the malocclusion with the help of teeth braces is a lengthy procedure that requires many efforts and brings certain inconvenience. It requires regular medical control and changes in the regulation of the brace system. It may sound and look not very attractive, but if everything is done correctly, the result is worth it.

If you are thinking about correcting your teeth with the help of braces, this information will help you understand what to wait and what to be prepared to.

  1. When the doctors places braces on your teeth, their surface must be absolutely dry. It is an obligatory condition for the successful attachment of the construction. The special devices that widen the lips and holding the tongue of the patient are required to keep the teeth dry. The feelings that a patient experiences at this moment are far from pleasant, and they will not stop until the lengthy procedure is finishes. Get ready for this not to be shocked and confused.
  2. No matter what you eat, all the food will be stuck in your braces. You will have to clean your teeth after every meal you have, even if it is just a snack. An average rinse will be not enough for the proper mouth hygiene. Moreover, an average toothbrush will not be enough either. The cleaning of the braces requires using a special toothbrush. There is even a better decision – a special irrigator that allows cleaning space between your teeth with the help of the thin water flow under the powerful water pressure. Every tooth must be cleaned separately. This device will replace you a floss for the time you wear braces. It may sound terrible, but you will get used to it. You have no choice, after all.
  3. When you sleep, the inner surfaces of your lips and cheeks will relax and press on the protruding parts of the braces. As you wake up, these places will hurt. However, there is a remedy – a special wax to protect the sensitive areas in your mouth.
  4. The longer you wear braces, the more changes will happen to your teeth. This is good and this is actually what you want from them. Nevertheless, chewing with your new occlusion will be not very comfortable at first times. You will get used to it too, but in the beginning, it will be better to bite small pieces.
  5. As the braces will move your teeth to the correct position, they will hurt. It is normal. If the discomfort will be too hard, the analgesics will help.
  6. The beginning of brace correction may seem a hell to you. And it will be a hell with no visible result, to make things more disappointing. Cheer up! Though you may not notice the changes, they have already began and you will see them in a while. The process of teeth straightening is lengthy and complicated; it may last months or even years.

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