10 Deadly Foods Which We Eat Regularly

At least some foods which are present in any kitchen are dangerous in one form or another. We are used to adding them to different dishes and do not even think about the potential threat. We just can handle some foods in such a way as to protect our body from dangerous substances which are contained in them. But no one is safe from mistakes, so it’s best to know in advance what products may be really dangerous for anyone.

1. Cashew Nuts

The raw cashews that each of us buys in the supermarket are not really raw. They are handled by steam before being placed on store shelves. This allows getting rid of the dangerous chemical compound, which in large quantities can be fatal. It is called urushiol and is also found in poison ivy. So stay away from cashews that have not undergone a proper cleaning procedure.

2. Tuna

The most dangerous thing in tuna is mercury. Fish tend to accumulate this dangerous chemical compound without giving any external danger signals. Mercury in the human body is deposited in the kidneys, and can also affect brain function. A person may simply become insane. So it’s better not to overdo it with tuna.

3. Honey

Honey does not undergo a pasteurization process, during which harmful toxins are destroyed so it can be dangerous. It contains grayanotoxin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, dehydration, hematuria and even death. Therefore, if you notice a strange body reaction to small doses of honey, it is better to refrain from it altogether.

4. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is, in fact, a hallucinogen. We just eat it in small amounts. But if you slightly increase the dose, you may pass from hallucinations to convulsions, and then to a full seizure. If you eat the whole nut, you can experience the so-called nutmeg syndrome. Nutmeg syndrome is when a person feels a sense of imminent death.

5. Fruits with Pits

For example, apples, cherries, and apricots. Yes, they all represent a mortal danger, if you’ll try to gnaw and eat their pits in large quantities. They contain hydrocyanic acid – a rather widely known poison called “hydrogen cyanide”.

6. Beans

Some varieties of beans can produce a deadly toxin under certain conditions. It is called ricin. Other species contain large doses of cyanide, so they must be opened before cooking so that the poison can evaporate. Manufacturers usually take care of this, but always be vigilant.

7. Peanuts

Did you know the fact that most people with food allergies died from peanuts? The allergens on which these nut acts are so aggressive that they can cause instant death. So it is better to get checked for allergy in advance.

8. Avocado

Have you ever tried to remove the avocado pit with a knife? Better not try. History knows many cases when such attempts ended with the opening of veins. The fact is that sometimes the bone sits so tightly and remains slippery at the same time that the knife jumps off and falls straight into the wrist.

9. Carambola

At first glance, carambola seems harmless and even good for our health, as it contains a lot of vitamin C. However, the use of this fruit is contraindicated for people who suffer from gastritis or gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as it contains oxalic acid in high concentrations. But carambola may be dangerous even for healthy people. Those who eat this fruit regularly, are at high risk of kidney failure.

10. Fugu

The fish that is used to make fugu (usually a brown toby) contains a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin. A cook who has undergone special training is able to remove the poisonous parts of the fish, but even this does not guarantee complete safety.

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